SAWA for Development and Aid is a volunteer and community led organization working with Syrian refugees to help them restore the dignity, agency, and ownership of their lives.
Sawa for Development and Aid is a Lebanese NGO supporting Syrian Refugees since 2011. SDAID started working with the first 40 Syrian families that arrived in Lebanon after they were forced to flee their homes in Syria, and today our projects reach tens of thousands.
SDAID has developed and expanded to include 3 major programs: Relief, Education, and Development and Livelihoods, that operate in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.
The communities we work with are the core of our programs, which we've set up in geographical proximity to the camps. In the field, a team of field officers, outreach officers, and volunteers, from the community itself, are key to the implementation of our projects that aim to provide assistance through a holistic approach. Our work targets all the members of the family from education, protection, and skills training, to basic assistance, and shelter and infrastructure construction.
سوا لأجل سوريا
نحن عبارة عن مجموعة شباب وطلاب متطوعين، لا ننتمي إلى أي حزب أو تيار سياسي، وبالتالي نعمل تحت راية إنسانية بحتة. هدفنا تقييم أحوال اللاجئين السوريين في لبنان وتغطية متطلباتهم من غذاء وطعام ودواء وألبسة وإستشفاء وسكن، وغيرها من المستلزمات الأساسية.
يتم جمع التبرعات من خلال حملة نقوم بها وفعاليات لا تبغي الربح، وجهود شخصية.