A “Warm Hand” in this Winter

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السبت 12/11/2016




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Despite the miserable life of displaced Syrians who live in camps, their situation is still better than those stranded aground, bare to the sky, and suffering unspeakable humanitarian difficulties.
According to the Syrian Response Plan, issued by the “coordination of humanitarian affairs” office in 2016, providing shelter and non-food assistance is a priority to displaced families affected by the crisis.

The estimate number of people in need for support in Syria is around 2.4 million, who need shelter, and 5.3 million, who need non-food assistance. However, the figures are subject to rise as continued deportation, repeated displacement and unsecure shelter render the crisis unsolvable.

The lives of displaced and host families who live on bare ground, or inside partially-destroyed or un-completed buildings, are more vulnerable to food–insecurity and lack of heating materials¬- particularly during winter.

Meanwhile, “Beyaz Eller” association has gained an accumulate experience through relentless efforts to supply heating materials to displaced and refugee families. Entering its third year, our campaign “warm winter” succeeded in delivering 60,860 blankets, 21,750 covers, 48,500 inter clothing, 9,338 heaters, 411,500 liters of heating fuel, 2,870 tons of coal, and 475 tons of firewood.

Between winter 2013 and 2015, the number of beneficiaries from winter campaigns reached 1,230,000 afflicted Syrians- whether inside Syria or refugees in Turkey.

This year, “Beyaz Eller”, through its teams inside Syria and in refugee camps, shall work on delivering aids to the afflicted population, through an electronic campaign for winter 2016-2017, entitled “warm hand”. Our campaign includes various projects that meet all needs of the Syrian population, in hope that it might relieve part of the hardship they encounter this winter.

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